History of 

Amelia Love Johnson High School 

In 1922, the Johnson Family donated five acres of the land on which Amelia Love Johnson stands. In 1976, the school was named to honor a former beloved teacher, Amelia Love Johnson. From 1925 through 1926, the school consisted of a three room building with Mr. A.J. Harding as Principal, and Miss Theresa Brookins and Mrs. Amelia L. Johnson as teachers. In 1926, a building with four classrooms, a principal's office, an auditorium, and a library was constructed. The building was equipped with blackboards, desks, and jacketed heaters. There was a feeling that in order to impart homemaking education, the students would need to have experiences with the use of homemaking equipment. To meet this need a coal and wood range and two sewing machines were added. In 1984, the building was renovated and comprised of two separate building, which includes a gym, vocational building, and an office building.

Amelia Love Johnson High School is located in east central Marengo County and is one of three schools in the Marengo County School system. With a student population of 175, the school encompasses grades kindergarten through twelve. The school colors are maroon and white and the school mascot is the mighty eagle.The student population is 100% African-American. ALJ's faculty and staff consists of 1 administrator, 1 administrative assistant, .5 counselor, .5 librarian, 1 resource teacher, 1 instructional coach, 1 access facilitator, 5 high school teachers, 6 elementary teachers, 1 physical education teacher/coach, 1 custodian, and 3 CNP workers. Over the past three years, our student enrollment has decreased, which has resulted in a decline in personnel. The socio-economic status of the area has caused a decrease in enrollment over the past three years as some families have left the Thomaston area due to the lack of housing and employment opportunities.The school serves as a beacon to the Thomaston community. It provides social interaction for community engagement which include the following: sport activities, class reunions, school programs, funerals, and PTA activities.

The town of Thomaston was established in 1901, with a population of 51 people and Dr. Thomas was the first Mayor. Dr. Thomas had the land surveyed and laid out the town. Planters Bank and Trust Company was established in 1914. Telephone service begin in 1914 and electricity came in 1929. In 1949, the town limits were extended and the population jumped to over 1,000. Beginning the 1950's improvements were made to the town such as the following: streetlights, paved streets, water and gas systems, and a volunteer fire department. The 2000 census showed a population of 383. The population in 2013 was around 400.The unemployment rate for Thomaston in 2014 was 8.4 %.

Thomaston's Alabama Rural Heritage Center has a partnership with ALJ to provide art and cultural activities for students and community members throughout the year. Another unique feature coming to our community is Dave's Market. This business will provide the community with goods and services, employment opportunities, and community service opportunities for students.


Amelia Love Johnson High School

Amelia Love Johnson High School

Our School's Purpose

To provide educational opportunities which enable our students to acquire knowledge, skills, and personal experiences for responsible citizenship and lifelong learning.

Our School's Motto

Today's Foundation Supports Tomorrow's World

Our Vision Statement 

Preparing All Students for Success in a Global Economy

Our Mission Statement

Amelia L. Johnson will provide an atmosphere of excellence in academics and leadership.  All stakeholders will strengthen ALJ as a safe and nurturing environment.  We will encourage all students to become lifelong learners while preparing them to be college and career ready.

Our Beliefs
We believe that:
- Our student body consists of unique individuals with different needs and abilities requiring a curriculum that will help them reach their full potential.
- We must strive to create a safe and nurturing environment that stimulates minds, encourage creativity, and inspire students to learn.
- We believe that home, school, and community are essential in the development of the total child and their future success.
- Parents are vital roles in their child's education.
- Technology is essential to a 21st century learning environment.

Amelia Love Johnson High School
“Alma Mater”
A.L.J.H Alma Mater, with your standards high
In our Hearts, we will cherish your standards till we die.
For your aims are those with highest, so we strive with all our might
To hold them up, dear school, for we prove you by our lights.
We may wander far away on through the years to come, but within our hearts we’ll cherish what you, Dear school, have done.
You have given us our start to carry 
Wherever we go. 
So, for thee, dear Alma Mater, our love for you will grow. 
Words By:

Mrs. Nancy Whitehead-Jones