Amelia Love Johnson High School Lunch Room 

January  Lunch

Healthier Lunches Are Served at Amelia Love Johnson High School

Healthy lunches are the goals for the students of Marengo County schools. What are schools doing now to provide healthier lunches? They are:
- Using butter substitutes and cutting back on, or eliminating outright, the use of salt.
- Providing more varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially locally grown.
- Having at least one serving of whole-grain or whole-wheat.
- Serving more dried beans and peas.
- Making water available for all students.
- And at least two days each week, the vegetable must be either deep orange — such as sweet potatoes or carrots — or dark green — such as broccoli or turnip greens.

The lunch menu is Posted on the ALJ Eagles Page on Facebook monthly.